April 6, 2021

The globally active ECCO / setral® group aquires the lubricant brands TECCEM® and Fluoronox®

PFPE lubricants

Seeshaupt, 30.03.2021 – The globally active ECCO / setral® group aquires the lubricant brands TECCEM® and Fluoronox®

Effective 01.03.2021 ECCO Gleittechnik GmbH again expands its portfolio of PFPE lubricants through a take-over of the brands TECCEM® und Fluoronox® from TECCEM GmbH.

After a strategic expansion of the product portfolio to include PFPE lubricants in the late 80s, the ECCO group today is one of the leading players in the market with products under the setral® brand. Initially supplying into the plastics and packaging industry, the subsidiary Setral Chemie GmbH today offers technical solutions for demanding customer applications in all industries and all over the world.

With the take-over of the TECCEM® and Fluoronox® brands the ECCO / setral® group intensifies its growth strategy and further strengthens its position as one of the leading manufacturers of PFPE lubricants.

With numerous certifications the ECCO / setral® group ensures reliable top quality and cutting edge lubrication technology.


For more than 25 years TECCEM GmbH has been formulating, producing and distributing special lubricants worldwide. TECCEM® and Fluoronox® products are tailored for the most demanding applications in a variety of market segments and are well established in specialized niche markets.

About ECCO Gleittechnik GmbH & Setral Chemie GmbH

ECCO Gleittechnik GmbH and its subsidiary Setral Chemie GmbH have been active on the special lubricants market for more than 50 years. Under the brand setral® and as a private label supplier the group researches, develops and produces special lubricants as well as chemical-technical special products. The group distributes its solutions worldwide and provides technical support into numerous industries.


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