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Jan. 11, 2021

SYN-setral-INT/250 FD–2

H1 high-temperature grease for long-term lubrication

setral® develops and produces high-performance and special lubricants for industrial applications. Well-known customers worldwide benefit from our fifty years of experience. Lubricants in various industries, amongst others the packaging and food industry, are facing special challenges like humidity, extreme temperatures and aggressive substances as well as contact with cleaners and disinfectants. 

The solution in many cases is SYN-setral-INT/250 FD–2. The H1 registered hight temperature grease for long time of lifetime lubrication of rolling and plain bearings and all sliding pairs under extreme conditions, especially in the food and pharmaceutical industries, manages these challenges without problem. Typical applications include: baking ovens, baking lines, guide pulleys of conveyor chains, kiln cars, calenders and other applications e.g. in dairies and beverage filling.

Our setral® product portfolio contains more than 100 lubricants and maintenance products for a variety of applications in the food and pharmaceutical industry. Our dedicated production facilities are certified in accordance with ISO 21469.


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