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Open gears are used on drives that often work under challenging envronmental conditions. These include, above all, the typically high loads up to shock loads combined with relatively low speeds and sometimes dust/dirt, increased temperatures or high humidity. The right lubricant on the open gear ensures continuously low friction with less wear and longer lifetime of the component. This directly affects productivity. 


Industrial uses are in many industries such as mining, steel production, waste management, as well as chemistry or food production. Typical applications include rotary kilns, crushers or crane systems.

Product Groups

Product Groups

Greases Item Code Item Description
MI-setral-AL/C0-500 G 033260 Fluid grease with solid lubricants for highly loaded open gears
MI-setral-OG/0-800 030340 Solid lubricant containing fluid grease for long-term lubrication of open gears

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