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Linear guides are used to anable translational movements of components against each other. To minimize the friction of the stationary part, the guide and the moving carriage, lubricants are used in addition to design solutions. To evaluate and choose the right lubricant, it is also important wheather the linear guides are mounted with rolling elements or simple rails.

Product Groups

Product Groups

Greases Item Code Item Description
SYN-setral-CA/C2-30 FD 033155 Media-resistant H1 high-performance and low-temperature grease with high wear and corrosion protection
SYN-setral-HSP/N 030348 Fully synthetic high speed and spindle grease
SYN-setral-HSR 033201 Semi-synthetic special grease for slide and roller bearings operating at high speed
SYN-setral-SPEEDFLEX 2 033200 Fully synthetic spindle bearing grease
High-temperature oils Item Code Item Description
HYD-setral-68 FD 060633 H1 hydraulic oil for the food and pharmaceutical industry
HYD-setral-SYN 68 FD 066056 H1 hydraulic oil for the food and pharmaceutical industry

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