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Sept. 30, 2020

SYN-setral-HSP/N - Product for the lubrication of spindle bearings in machine tools

SYN-setral-HSP/N for you competitive edge in high frequency and precision engineering applications

The SYN-setral-HSP/N is a fully synthetic high-speed and spindle grease. It has been specifically developed for the lubrication of rolling and plain bearings at high speeds and/or low temperatures. Typical applications are spindle bearings in textile machines and machine tools as well as small and precision bearings in precision engineering applications. It is also recommended for threaded and ball screws, linear drives/guides, chassis bearings, gears in small gear boxes and bearings on cable cars. 

SYN-setral-HSP/N has a lower thickener content and is therefore a relatively soft grease. This difference is particularly noticeable at very high speeds. Furthermore, the formulation of SYN-setral-HSP/N does not contain any dangerous heavy metals. The setral® product has a wider temperature application range and a significantly higher speed factor than comparable competitor products. 

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