High performance grease

Media-resistant special grease with excellent wear and corrosion protection


Heavily loaded rolling and plain bearings at medium speeds under adverse ambient influences like humidity, acids, alkalis as well as high temperatures.

Typical applications: calenders, rollers, pumps, dryers, engines in all industrial areas and for shipping and mining.

Proven for the lubrication of tool elements like ejectors, core pullers, sliders and die-sets in plastic injection moulding.


Universal in use

Very media-resistant

Good water resistance

Excellent corrosion protection

Excellent wear protection

Free from solid lubricants

High sealing and adhering effect


Temperature range

- 30┬░C - + 180┬░C

Shipping containers

  • 10 x 400g cartridges
  • 10 x 1kg tins
  • 5kg hobbock
  • 25kg hobbock
  • 50kg hobbock
  • 180kg drum
  • other packaging on request