SYN-setral-SINT/125 CST-2 FD

Fully synthetic special grease

Synthetic special H1 grease for low and high temperatures based on an innovative lubrication technology


For slide and roller bearings at high speed, slide bars and friction pairings at especially low or even high temperatures.

Especially for the lubrication of friction pairings under extreme conditions and high wear potential, difficult ambience like moisture, acids, alkali etc.

Typical applications: slide and roller bearings, valves, sealings etc. in the food industry, precision, electrical and automotive engineering.


H1 registered

Miscible with most high-temperature greases based on PFPE/PTFE and PFPE/ester/PU as well as further combinations

More efficient than common PFPE greases

Good ageing and oxidation stability

Kosher certified

Halal certified

Low starting torques even at really low temperatures

Highest pressure and temperature stability

Good corrosion protection

Excellent wear protection

Compatible with most plastics and elastomeres

Very good shear stability

Resistant against water, steam, acids and alkalines

Temperature range

- 55┬░C - + 200┬░C

Shipping containers

  • 600g cartridge
  • 900g tin
  • 25kg hobbock
  • other packaging on request