SYN-setral-LI/C 400 PD

High pressure grease

Fully synthetic high-temperature grease with EPL additive technology for extremely loaded slide and roller bearings


For long-term or lifetime lubrication of extremely loaded slide and roller bearings at slow or medium speed, even at high temperatures.

Typical application: Especially developed for main, blade and asimuth bearings of wind power stations.

Due to the special EPL additive technology micropitting and pittings are avoided and re-smoothening of surface damages is enabled.

Ideal suited for the lubrication of rotation ovens, sledgehammers, gantry crane wheels, shovels, agricultural and construction vehicles, conveyor transportbelts etc.


Ideal corrosion protection

Very good results in the FE8 test

Controlled surface smoothening

Especially wide temperature application range

Free from solids and silicone

Good water resistance

Good resistance to ageing

Excellent wear protection

Highest load carrying ability

Well conveyable in central lubrication systems starting at -20┬░C (progressive central lubricating systems should be tested previously by the user)

Temperature range

- 38┬░C - + 180┬░C

Shipping containers

  • 10 x 370g cartridges
  • 1kg tin
  • 5kg pail
  • 25kg hobbock
  • 180kg drum
  • other packaging on request