SYN-setral-LI/S 2 UV

Low-temperature grease

Fully synthetic low-temperature grease for long-term lubrication.


Typical applications in the automotive industry: window lifter, sliding roofs, seat adjuster, Bowden cables etc.

For all friction pairings pastic/plastic resp. plastic/metal in appliances, small gears and adjustment mechanisms. Lubrication of microbearings in precision instruments, fans and motors.

SYN-setral-LI/S-2 UV compared to SYN-setral-LI/S-2 contains an UV active additive.


Reduces wear and tear

Excellent corrosion protection

Good compatibility with plastics

Significantly lesser running-in phases

Very good low-temperature properties

Wide temperature range

Resistant to oxidation and ageing

Temperature range

- 50┬░C - + 130┬░C

Shipping containers

  • 25kg hobbock
  • other packaging on request
  • Minimum purchase amount 200 kg