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18. Januar 2019



15. Januar 2019

DIN EN ISO 21469

ISO 21469

28. September 2018

UNITI Mineral Oil Technology Forum

UNITI Mineralöltechnologie-Forum

UNITI Mineral Oil Technology Forum. 

23. Februar 2018

Anuga FoodTec

Anuga FoodTec

Setral specialty lubricants for the food industry. 

31. Januar 2018

PFPE lubricants

High-performance lubricants based on PFPE (perfluorinated polyether) create outstanding characteristics for your demanding application.

31. August 2017

New polyglycole gear oil series with Flender® approval

The SYN-setral-GEAR/PGB ... FD series is the new emulsifiying gear oil with comliance to the H1 standard.

17. Juli 2017

Grease for high loads in the food industry

For the food processing industry and its suppliers it is obligatory to use especially formulated lubricants for certain friction pairings. SYN-setral-CA/C2-400 FD...

03. Dezember 2016

Successful Halal & Kosher certification

Setral successfully certified almost the entire product range for the food processing industry in accordance with Kosher and Halal directives.

27. November 2015

The new setral label design according to CLP

Setral seized the opportunity of the since 1st of June 2015 valid CLP regulation to revise the design of the Setral product labels.


28. Juli 2015


New synthetic high-performance compressor oil, COVA-setral-PGB/G 190, for high standards…

09. Februar 2015