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Research & Development

Setral develops and produces high performance and special lubricants for the industry.


Many well-known customers from all over the world profit by our r.a. fifty years of experience.


Currently Setral is represented in more than 66 countries with companies, participations and distribution partners.

Private Label

We have the ability to produce and promptly deliver your own products.

Contract Manufacturing

Our high-end production line complies with all current norms and regulations.

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Types of Lubricants

Solid lubricants

100% powder/solids


30-70% base oil
30-60% solid lubricants
0-10% additives


10-80% oils & binder
5-20% solid lubricants
1-15% additives and possibly solid lubricants

Bonded coatings

10-80% solvent & binder
5-20% solid lubricants
1-5% additives


50-60% active ingredient
40-60% propellant

High-temperature and special oils

90-100% oil
0-10% additives, solvents or solid lubricants

Metal working fluids

different mixtures of oil, additives and solvents depending on the application


different mixtures depending on the application


additives are added to lubricants in order to create or improve certain properties
Types of Lubricants