Fluid grease with EPL additive technology

11. Januar 2017

MI-setral-LI/PD 0-700 is designed for high-pressure applications and has regenerative properties.


The special EPL additive technology supplies ductile gradation of already existing surface damages on the friction partners like micro-/pittings in the mixed friction area. The new platform that was created this way is free from high peaks of roughness and therefore spreads the specific loads better. This results in a smoother operation after a short period of time and an early replacement of e.g. gearboxes can be avoided.


Use MI-setral-LI/PD 0-700 right from the beginning to reduce operating temperatures and for a maximum protection against surface damages. Both factors lead to higher productivity by longer operation intervalls and thus less downtime for service.




This fluid grease complements a whole series of lubricants in the Setral product range that are already equipped with this additive system.