New Products

11. Januar 2017

MI-setral-LI/PD 0-700 is designed for high-pressure applications and has regenerative properties.

03. Dezember 2016

For the food processing industry and its suppliers it is obligatory to use especially formulated lubricants for certain friction pairings. SYN-setral-CA/C2-400 FD...

09. Februar 2015

New synthetic high-performance compressor oil, COVA-setral-PGB/G 190, for high standards…

28. Juli 2014

The SYN-setral-GEAR/PGB ... FD series is the new emulsifiying gear oil with comliance to the H1 standard.

30. Oktober 2013

highly efficiently solves the lubrication of transport chains of bottles, milk and juice boxes.

12. März 2013

Thanks to its synergistic formulation with effective additives, the modern high load grease SYN-setral-LI/C 400 PD features highest load carrying characteristics.

01. Oktober 2012

Setral introduces the innovative high-performance cleaner and degreaser – CLEAN-setral-FD. It is especially created for the injection molding industry and the modern tool construction.

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