General News

27. November 2015

Setral successfully certified almost the entire product range for the food processing industry in accordance with Kosher and Halal directives.

28. Juli 2015

Setral seized the opportunity of the since 1st of June 2015 valid CLP regulation to revise the design of the Setral product labels.


29. Juni 2015

High-performance lubricants based on PFPE (perfluorinated polyether) create outstanding characteristics for your demanding application.

02. Dezember 2014

Image On March 24th - 27th 2015 2015 the worldwide food and beverage industry meets in Cologne. Setral with its complete product portfolio...

25. September 2014




In time for our 45th company anniversary at the location of Romanswiller...

11. Dezember 2013

is a fully synthetic metal-working fluid for forming processes…

27. Februar 2012

To meet the high requirements of Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, is an ambitious aim that in the end Setral does fulfill. For a short period of time a Setral article is available on Wikipedia including a short description of the company.

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